You Can Help Somali Children Learn

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For many children in war-torn Somalia, fear and disruption are a familiar part of daily life. For about three quarters of them, school is not. But an innovative radio program created by Education Development Center is helping children like Najmo go to school – despite the famine, war and piracy that plague Somalia.

Every day Najmo turns on her parents’ radio to follow the songs, dramas, and activities that help her learn. Najmo’s parents even join in and learn with her! Schools use the program, too.

Listeners learn to read, do math, and use valuable life skills such as how to prevent malaria, how to resolve conflicts, and how to protect the environment. With your help, more students like Najmo can learn even in these difficult circumstances, providing stability and hope for a better future.

How can you help?

With a donation of $150, an entire school can access this high quality, radio-based education program. The school will receive a kit containing a rugged wind-up radio (no batteries needed), 10 teacher’s guides, five Somali children’s books, and five alphabet books. Teachers who receive the kit will also be trained to teach along with the radio program. Schools can re-use the kits for at least five years, so each kit will reach up to 500 children.

For $12.50, you can send two children’s books to a school in Somalia. These soft-cover books are beautifully illustrated and include traditional Somali stories written in both Somali and English.

Or you can order these books directly from

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To learn more about this program, see the full story of Najmo and her family or watch a video about IRI in Somalia.

Teachers and students participate in interactive radio instruction in Somalia.